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The Best And Worst Moments From Tom Brady's Roast

The Best And Worst Moments From Tom Brady's Roast
The former NFL quarterback was roasted by friends and former colleagues, and some of the jabs definitely made him a little angry.
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Tom Brady, the football quarterback who played in the NFL for 23 years and won multiple Super Bowls, was made fun of by a cast of friends, former co-workers and usual comedic roasters.

Hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, the roast featured Brady's former New England coach Bill Belichick and teammate Rob Gronkowski, alongside the likes of Nikki Glaser, Jeff Ross, Drew Bledsoe and many more. It was broadcast by Netflix, and the performers pulled out jokes about Brady's life on and off the football field.

While one particular joke referencing New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft wasn't well received by Brady, he seemed to be okay with the rest of it.

Here are some of the clips that've been shared online from the roast.

Jeff Ross making fun of Robert Kraft:

Nikki Glasser taking shots:

Kim Kardashian being self-deprecating:

Drew Bledsoe with some not-so-friendly fire:

Bill Belichick had some words too:

Brady's take on deflategate:

[Image: Netflix]


  1. n p 23 hours ago

    This was one of the unfunniest roasts I've ever seen. When Brady finally got up to make his rebuttals, he came off as a rich, spoiled, nasty, arrogant frat boy. It's telling that he sat squirming but silent as the roasters ridiculed his wife, kids and pregnant ex-girlfriend, but he jumped up in outrage when they joked about Robert Kraft.

  2. Sevan 3 days ago


    Tom.....please just go away.

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