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My Nightmare Co-Worker Followed Me To A New Job, And More Of This Week's Best Work Drama

My Nightmare Co-Worker Followed Me To A New Job, And More Of This Week's Best Work Drama
A young woman is concerned about her co-worker's "mean girl" attitude.
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We're tackling something we all have to deal with at some time or other: work drama. Each week, I'll be bringing the juiciest stories from across the web right to our little virtual water cooler. From toxic bosses to nightmare workplaces, I'm here to speak a little justice on behalf of the average worker.

While you're here, please note that this weekly series is meant solely for entertainment purposes. Please do not have your HR team call me tomorrow saying you heard it from Joel at Digg.

I Have An Older Co-Worker That Brags About Being A Regina George

Okay so this lady has been working at my company about 5 to 6 months. Her license plate literally says "NotNice" her cubicle is filled with little stickers that say "mean girl" "tough b*tch" "try me" things of that nature. I am 10 years younger than this person and have never encountered anyone like that at a job that prides themselves on being mean basically a bitch and make it known to everyone. I can't help but to roll my damn eyes every time I overhear her talking about some story where she was the one that won a fight when she was younger or how she always gets her way on the road or how she's a Karen at the store or restaurant and gets everything her way. It really makes me sick. She tends to talk so much crap about our clients as well, like after every call she handles she talks shit.. Luckily I sit about 20 feet away from her and can block her out with my cubicle and rarely have to interact with her. But still, there are times when we do and I'm just waiting for the day till she's a bitch to me for no reason lol... I don't get this tough guy persona of hers trying to intimidate people everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if this person has been to prison, lol...

With people like this, you really are just better off not paying them any attention. From my experience, they center their lives around drama. Maybe it's all trauma-related, and that's not something you want to get into. But it doesn't really matter, you're there to work and get ahead in your career, not entertain some lady acting like Regina George from "Mean Girls." Leave this woman alone and mind your business, but if you do have to interact with her, keep it boring, and give her absolutely nothing. So with that said, going forward, as far as she's concerned, you live the life of a nun. Read the rest of the thread here.

This Is My First Job, Do I Really Have To Eat With My Team Every Day?

Every single day without fail, at noon, one of my coworkers will decide the whole team is eating lunch together, including our manager. it's completely frowned upon to eat at our desks. Note that other teams don't do this, just mine of course. I myself would love to take my lunch to an empty room and read my book, and actually take a break from work. I don't feel like I get a break from work since we all eat together on our lunch break, and will talk about work and politics and small talk about our weekends. I'm afraid to skip it because I'd be the only one skipping. furthermore, another coworker is constantly slacking me, texting me, all throughout work and every day just for fun. I feel like I cannot get a single break from my job or my coworkers. Any advice please??

EDIT: it is my first salary job ever. Our boss/manager does join in. My primary worry is that I will be held back professionally in some way if I start skipping these lunches. Please be kind. I am still learning the ropes of corporate life. No one ever says no to these lunches so this would be a courageous act.

You really need to ask yourself what your end goals are at this company, and what you're willing to do to accomplish them. Think it through, you may realize that it's not worth your time on many different scores — but if it is, then you just have to bite the bullet. It's not going to be easy getting to the top, so maintain a level of grace, these boring lunches may be the calm before the real storm that is climbing the corporate ladder. Read the rest of the thread here.

A Nightmare Co-Worker From My Ex-Job Just Got Hired At My New Job. Do I Speak Up?

I started a new job three weeks ago, left an overworked and toxic environment where I was for six years. A big part of the toxicity was all from one person. They berated employees/coworkers and were insufferable to be around. I was able to deal with working with a difficult person but once they were no longer doing their job and the business suffered is when I lost all patience. As things came to a head and management realized how much (or little) this person was doing they went on medical leave, claiming a fall made them unable to return to work. Within the weeks of the leave we all realized millions, yes millions of dollars of goods was not made and/or were 3 months late. That's when me along with everyone else lost it. Within a month nightmare coworker resigned. At that same time the company was compiling all info to make a case and fire them. I left this place. Thought I walked away from the mess and had a fresh start. 3 weeks into the new job the company sends out a welcome letter for a new hire. Lo and behold, it's the nightmare coworker who single handedly ruined the business with their lack of work and disgusting attitude. Do I have an obligation to my new company and warn them? Or is it considered “defamation of character”? It's eating me up and I want to say something because I have no faith that this person has changed and will not ruin the business and my entire experience here. HELP!

You should focus on starting off on the right foot. Let your old co-worker dig their own grave. I'm with the comments on this one; you're new, so you can't really make these shots just yet. Running to your boss might give off the impression that you're the problem, especially if — God forbid there's a plot twist — they've completely turned over a new leaf. I understand this could make you anxious, so why not talk it out with a good friend? It'll keep you from randomly exploding at work too... Good luck with your new job, and let bygones be bygones — but if your boss does ask you about this person, then definitely let them know what's up. One more thing, though: if everything you've said is true, your company hiring this person feels like some kind of red flag. Read the rest of the thread here.

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