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My Husband Is Upset About Our Daughter's Major, And Other Family Drama Stories

My Husband Is Upset About Our Daughter's Major, And Other Family Drama Stories
Winning concert tickets could spell the end of a little girl's friendship.
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Remember those feel-good movie characters from the aughts who'd one day find a troubled family and teach them how to love again? Well, none of them were available, so I'll have to do.

That's right, I've gathered some of the wildest family drama from across Reddit, and now you're invited to my virtual BBQ to hear it all. From failed family vacations to parents knowing when to cut the leash, I'm here to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving, even if we're in May.

My Whole Family Is Fighting Over The Name Of Our Boy

So my sister (23F) is pregnant with her first child with her husband, my brother in law (23M). They recently found out they’re having a boy and everyone including me (21F) are very happy. However they’ve had a big fight recently because my BIL wanted the son to be named after him — I don’t know if they meant literally just his name, if they’re planning to add a Jr, or have it be an inspired nickname, but the point is he wants the boy to be named after him.

My sister blatantly and completely refused to even consider it, and both families have gotten involved — my parents initially thought they should reach a compromise and so did his.

However they changed opinions when she explained her reasoning — she said that she thinks that after she’s going to carry a boy for nine months and go through all the pain and exhaustion of pregnancy she thinks it’s insulting that he should be honoured by naming a child after him when he didn’t do all the work. She also said she thinks that naming a child after their parents strips them of their identity and makes them seem like property too so she would never do it regardless, so once again the family suggested a compromise maybe a reference to him or a name he liked, etc.

But she just doubled down that she would never consider naming a child she laboured for over her husband who “does nothing but gets the snacks” in any respect. Now I agreed with her completely and thought her logic made sense but both parents are very offended by her and say she has no respect for her husband. Her husband tried to talk to me personally and was furious and told me I was enabling her “cold mentality” when I said I supported her.

So AITA for supporting my sister’s reasoning for not naming her son after her husband?

I really hate when entire families get involved in something like this. What needs to happen is a conversation between the two soon-to-be parents where they both leave feeling resolved. Honestly, there's no need to get opinions from people who'll only text you "congratulations!" — but are never going to pitch in for diapers. I agree with the comments saying the couple should have discussed this beforehand, but it is what it is. The family shouldn't be giving them flack; the baby name was never their decision to make in the first place.

Read the rest of the thread here.

My Husband Won't Stop Snarking About Our Daughter's Degree Choice

My husband and I have two young adult daughters (20 and 18-years-old). The eldest is graduating after three years in June from a college that’s routinely listed in the top 25 percent of prestigious schools.

She will graduate with a degree related to community planning. The fact that this degree is not science related, nor does it create a linear career path, has my husband worried about what comes next for her. He’s constantly berating her choice to me with relentless predictions that she won’t be able to support herself financially. He says she’s not going to be a productive member of society and will wind up in the service industry. He’s less confrontational with her but he makes his disappointment clear with sarcastic comments.

I am losing my patience with this conversation and his behavior. She’s 20 years old and she’s going to have years to find her way. For the record, I am a college drop out who worked my way into an executive position with a great company. And my husband has an engineering degree although he spent many years as the primary care taker for our daughters.

Debating this topic only seems to harden his stance. How can I help him open his mind on this topic? Why is he absolutely unwilling to give her the benefit of the doubt?

Your husband needs to stop using you to vent his frustrations. Debating the issue is upsetting you, and it’s only a matter of time until one of his sarcastic comments makes you lose your patience and snap at him. Nobody wants that; have one more (hopefully productive) talk with him, and end it with some kind of resolution. Whether that means not helping her if she can't make rent (if and when the time comes), or having a family sit down to air out your issues, he needs to make peace with your daughter's decision and put it to rest. Read the rest of the thread here.

Was I Wrong For Taking Back A Little Girl's Birthday Gift Once I Learned Plans Had Changed?

My daughter, Jenny, (13) has a best friend, Morgan (nearly 13). The two of them spend a lot of time together at our place. I do not know Morgan’s mother very well as Jenny doesn’t often go to their house. This is mainly because Morgan’s house is a little chaotic. She has 4 siblings. Jenny is an only child and Morgan has said she likes the quiet.

Morgan has done a lot of stuff with us. I occasionally enter radio/online competitions and will win tickets to certain local events. When I won 4 tickets to a concert last year, Jenny and I brought Morgan along with one other friend. We all had a blast.

Recently, I won another pair of tickets to a concert that I planned to attend with Jenny. A few days after, I was told about a work trip that I have to take that falls that weekend. Jenny usually comes with me. So, Jenny suggested we give the tickets to Morgan for her birthday. She could either go with another friend or her mom. I checked with Morgan’s mom before we mentioned this to Morgan and she said that was fine.

Last night, Morgan was at our house and she seemed upset. When I asked why, she said her mom was taking her brother to the concert because “her brother has never been to a concert before”. I asked if Morgan’s brother even liked the band and Morgan said no, it was just the principle of the matter. Morgan and her other 3 siblings have been to concerts. He hasn’t and since they can’t afford stuff like this, he gets to go.

I found this unfair and honestly a waste of tickets. I called Morgan’s mom to double check this story and she confirmed it all, including her 11 year old son barely knowing anything about the band. I said I’m sorry, but I don’t feel right giving these as a birthday gift anymore as these were for Morgan. I said we’d give them to Jenny and Morgan’s other friend who I know likes the band, and we’ll get Morgan something else for her birthday. Morgan is fine with this.

Morgan’s mom is pissed and says I’m trying to tell her how to parent. I don’t think I am because if a different friend gave Morgan the tickets and it was the same result, as shitty as I’d find her mom doing this, I wouldn’t say anything as that’s not my business. As I am giving the tickets, I want them to go to Morgan. I’d also maybe feel different if the brother loved the band too but as he doesn’t, I don’t want to give them.

So here I am left wondering if I’m being an ass here?

Who is OP fighting for? It seems like she's on a personal moral crusade. I get that this was a gift, but it was also the children's and not the adults'. Plus, if the mom is anyway pretty good at these ticket giveaways, there's a good chance she'll will win something again very soon. This isn't going to be fun, but I'd call the angry mom, hash things out, and then ask her and the boy to pick a concert they want to see. Either try to win those tickets or just get them as a gift. I'm going against the popular comments here, but I think there's more value in keeping this friendship going for your daughter, and that outweighs whatever the boy's tickets will cost. Read the rest of the thread here.

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