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Kantar Marketplace is an automated research platform available in 70+ markets and built on proven methodologies. Choose from full self-serve, guided self-serve and expert service…


Response: AI is an automated research platform with survey templates for testing ads, products pack designs and more.


Ad testing is used to determine whether advertising creative (digital, TV, print, radio or any other format) will be successful once it is live.

Survey participants are shown an ad (which may be an initial idea, a storyboard or a final execution) and then answer a series of questions about it.

Results are used to shortlist (pick a winning creative from several candidates), to optimise (use the findings to improve the creative) or to predict performance (demonstrating the likely impact of the creative on brand awareness, consideration or sales).

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April 25-27 2023. Free virtual event. See the latest thinking and technology for advertising and brand research, analytics & measurement.

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