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Survey Research

Survey Research includes software for designing, managing and analysing surveys; agile ‘DIY’ research tools for ad or concept testing, end-to-end automated platforms and more.

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research includes online focus groups & forums, ethnographies, insight communities, video research and more.

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UX Research

UX Research includes usability testing, journey mapping, mobile ethnography, web / app usage analytics, product feedback and more.

Behavioural Research

Behavioural Research includes categories such as customer journey mapping, behavioural economics, diary studies, passive measurement, eye tracking and more.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience includes feedback measurement, Voice of Customer research, NPS tracking, employee experience, CX Analytics and more.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics include A/B testing, web / app user analytics, choice modelling, NLP, advanced statistical techniques, social intelligence and more.

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Reporting & Knowledge Sharing

Reporting & Knowledge Sharing includes categories such as dashboards, infographics, data visualisation, automated reporting, knowledge management and more.

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Panels & Data Sources

Panel & Data Sources include survey panels, crowdsourcing, syndicated research, trend reports, DIY sample, specialist panels and more.

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