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What was the AI Summit?

Advances in AI are transforming research, insights and experience management.
Qualitative interviews are automatically transcribed, translated and tagged. Videos are analysed to identify objects, behaviour and emotion. Predictive models trained on billions of data points fine-tune products, user experiences and advertising campaigns.
The AI Summit included 9 expert masterclasses and 25 startup demos about the latest innovations for research and analytics.
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Who is the AI Summit for?

The AI Summit is for anyone who wants to learn about the practical applications of AI for market or user research, consumer insights or experience management.

Summit Programme

The AI Summit featured 2 types of session: in-depth masterclasses and lightning demos in the Startup Showcase.

Masterclass Sessions


Lightning Startup Demos


Expert Speakers

See the latest in research innovation from these AI-powered startups.

More AI Learning Resources

Browse the AI and machine learning content on Insight Platforms: webinars, software demos, ebooks, articles and explainers.
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Company (ACF)

The Top Tools for Text Analytics

A roundup of some of the leading tools for text analytics for market research, user research and customer experience feedback…


Anyone who wants to learn about the latest developments in AI for research, and how to make practical use of them: insight managers, researchers, marketers, CX managers and anyone else

This event will run 100% online between May 10th and 12th 2022.

This event is free to attend.

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